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Motion graphics freelancer in Leeds

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I’m Raphael, a seasoned freelancer with over a decade of experience in delivering top-notch motion graphics and video content. 

Based in Leeds, I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse clients, ranging from startups and agencies to big financial, tech, health, and events companies.

Raphael Pavel

Specialised services in Leeds

I offer a range of specialised services tailored for businesses in Leeds, including motion graphics design, video editing, colour grading, visual effects, 2D and 3D animation, typography animation, and post-production work.

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Elevate your brand’s storytelling with expertly crafted animations. Whether it’s a compelling 2D narrative or a visually stunning 3D journey, I specialize in bringing your ideas to life. From initial storyboarding to the final grading, every step is meticulously handled to ensure your message is not only conveyed but resonates with your audience.
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Motion Graphics

Transform your brand’s message into captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Video Production

Harness the power of video to tell your story effectively. From live-action footage to advertising content, I offer a comprehensive video production service. As your editor, I bring a keen eye for visuals that can be used to promote your business. Let’s collaborate to create stunning videos that leave a lasting impression on your audience.
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Broadcast & Web

From conceptualization and scripting to storyboarding, animation, and final delivery, I guide your project through every phase with precision and creativity.

Why choose me?


With a background spanning VFX, design, print, and IT, I offer a comprehensive skill set to handle every aspect of your project.

End-to-End Expertise

From conceptualization and scripting to storyboarding, animation, and final delivery, I guide your project through every phase with precision and creativity.

Local Expertise

Based in Yorkshire, my close proximity offers more than just knowledge of the Leeds market; it provides unique benefits for effortless teamwork.

Being nearby allows for in-person editing sessions, ensuring a hands-on approach to perfecting your project. I can come to your location to collaborate directly, tailoring the editing process to suit your exact requirements.

Flexibility and Timely Support

In the dynamic world of media production, having a local editor means having a reliable partner for last-minute projects. Whether it’s a sudden need for physical presence, urgent edits, or assisting your staff on-site, I can swiftly respond to the demands of your project timeline.

It’s about bringing the editing studio to your doorstep, providing personalized support, and ensuring that your projects receive the attention they deserve.

What they say about me

Raphael, a true talent, nothing is too much trouble attitude and an Integral part of our team on many occasions. Has experience, a big smile, serious edit and motion skills and is always a true gentleman.
Liz Birkbeck - RideShotgun
A thoroughly splendid egg, Raph was my go-to for all things design, motion graphics animation, photography and advice on a colourful shirt! A smart operator, technically sharp, plenty of creative flair and generous with his time to boot - an absolute asset for all the projects we worked on.
Nick Blackwill - Paradigm Greative
Raphael has to be one of the most-well rounded creatives. Most who claim to be great in all areas of video production and animation are rarely do them all to an exacting standard, but this man is the exception to that rule. A real unique personality, a great bloke with a quality sense of humour and a pleasure to work with.
Deryn Carr - Grit Pictures
509 Arts was looking for a reliable filmmaker who could work to tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. Raphael was great to work with - he is a collaborator who works sensitively with his clients and produces outstanding results. Our conversations about style and form were imaginative and constructive and the end product better than we thought possible.
Alan Dix - 509 Arts
An excellent response to our urgent enquiry and the services we received on a compromised website was exemplary. Raphael was calm and attentive and resolved the problems in a swift, calm and assured manner and I have no hesitation in recommending Raphael for creative projects.
Paul Hawkins - Universal Learning Ltd
Thank you for your lovely sentiments! Thank you for being so amazing, professional, discreet, intuitive and all round wonderful (always in so many places at once?!).
Helen Meller - Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Ready to elevate your visual storytelling?

Discover the full spectrum of creative possibilities with my specialized services. From captivating animations and dynamic motion graphics to compelling video production, I bring a wealth of expertise to enhance your brand presence.

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